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Buy Spring Breakers Clothes at Opening Ceremony

Spring Breakers costume designer Heidi Bivens, interviewed in our last issue, has designed a capsule collection of “warped” souvenir shop clothes and accessories based on the movie, to launch at Opening Ceremony this Friday, March … read more »

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Spring Breakers Costume Designer Heidi Bivens Explains How to Style a Harmony Korine Movie

A year ago, Riff Raff claimed that James Franco would be playing him in a movie. He was talking about Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, and his boast proved to be partially true, at least to … read more »

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Watch the Trailer for Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers

There’s finally an official trailer for Spring Breakers, the upcoming Harmony Korine movie we first heard about last year, when Riff Raff took credit for inspring James Franco’s character Alien, a white rapper with cornrows, … read more »

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Video: Ikons, “Sister”

On the heels of their recent 10-year anniversary compilation, Service has released a new video for Gothenburg’s Ikons, cleverly edited from footage of the incredible flying nuns from Riff Raff fan Harmony Korine’s film, Mister … read more »

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Fader Fort | SXSW 2012

James Franco to Play Riff Raff in Harmony Korine Movie

Update, 8/29/2012: Watch a clip from Spring Breakers, featuring a dark monologue by Selena Gomez, above. The film, scored by Skrillex, is set to premiere in September at the Venice Film Festival. Riff Raff probably … read more »

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Store Report: Agnès B Has A New Store And Gallery

Agnès B have always had an elevated air about them, and their brand new store in SoHo is their first retail location to maximize that class with a dedicated gallery space. The inaugural show is … read more »

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Video: Mount Kimbie Live at the Boiler Room

Following the “We are all Young Turks” intro, once Mount Kimbie begin their Boiler Room set, the first thing they play is a quote from Harmony Korine’s racially complicated Proenza Schouler vehicle Act Da Fool: … read more »

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Harmony Korine Weirdly Photographs Urban Outfitters

Known for beautifully abrasive films like Kids and Gummo, Harmony Korine brings his creepy nostalgia to Urban Outfitter‘s latest look book. Featuring models that look as though they were abducted from the set of MTV’s … read more »

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Video: Harmony Korine’s Anti-Fashion for Proenza Schouler

Designers continue their autumn parade of buzzkill video presentations—perhaps it’s a bit of stylish self-loathing. Like Kenneth Anger’s clip for Missoni, Proenza Schouler has found in Harmony Korine a director as likely to deride fashion … read more »

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Video: Fan Death, “Reunited”

Fan Death‘s Dandi Wind came up with the concept for the group’s new video, and if Harmony Korine’s Mr. Lonely didn’t already exist, we would say it is a work of unmitigated genius. Actually, it … read more »

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