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Open Bar: Nu Sensae

Nu Sensae were in town from Vancouver, and though an Open Bar performance at Heathers seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, we failed to remember that they are one of the loudest bands … read more »

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Open Bar: MNDR

MNDR‘s Amanda Warner created a gentle ruckus during her dimly-lit Open Bar session at Heathers. Wearing DIY-ed, sticker-covered sunglasses that were difficult to see through, she accidentally broke a couple of glasses behind the bar … read more »

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Open Bar With Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings recently stopped into Heathers Bar for some ice cold sodas and good clean fun. For such young dudes, they sure know how to sit down and pound out the kind of lo-fi riff … read more »

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Open Bar With Suckers

Our bros in Suckers came through Heathers this week to play an open bar/open door stripped-down set for a crowd of the East Village’s most beloved weirdos. It was around 4pm, just after school had … read more »

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Open Bar: Toro Y Moi, “Lately” and “Absolutely” (Live)

Before his Brooklyn Bowl show last Friday, Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi swung by Heathers to play a plugged-in set. He did not have his laptop because it had recently been stolen. We thought … read more »

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Open Bar With Lissie

Last Friday, California-based singer Lissie and band made some time to come through our Open Bar at Heathers before their show at Webster Hall. As you can see in this video, it was nearly dusk, … read more »

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Open Bar With Midnight Masses

We’ve spent a whole lot of time at Heathers this year, partly filming Open Bar but mostly just hanging out with our friends in what has come to feel like a way classier version of … read more »

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Open Bar With Baaba Maal

Originally from Podor, Senegal, but now a constant resident of global roadways, Baaba Maal is easily the most seasoned musician to have visited us at Heathers. He asked for a cup of tea (which we … read more »

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Open Bar With Dominant Legs

At the end of “Loving Now,” a great and so far unheard song by Dominant Legs, Ryan Lynch twinkles a high note aside, something that might have been a coda if it had any precedent. … read more »

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Open Bar With The Cave Singers

Certain bands sing songs that make you want to live inside them instead of listen to them. The Cave Singers—who have a new record out on Matador—is a band that excels at making liveable songs, … read more »

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