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GoodHood Draws Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis into their Spring Collections

For their new style feature called As Worn By, the immaculately curated British boutique GoodHood collaborated with illustrator Clara Lacy to draw rock icons like Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Henry Rollins, Axl Rose and Malcom … read more »

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See Photos From We Got Power, An Early ’80s Hardcore Punk Zine

Henry Rollins read more »

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Cop A Look: Henry Rollins and Black Flag

We applaud people who do things differently, and if there was ever a band who embodied the rejection of the mainstream, it’s Black Flag. Universally identifiable by the their emblematic, simple black bar logo, the … read more »

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Henry Rollins to Tour US On The Power of His Gab

We saw Henry Rollins do a spoken word performance in a Berlin church once. It was completely insane and were the ┬ásmall German woman next to us not giggling uncontrollably, we’re not sure if we … read more »

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Henry Rollins Is Back On The FM Airwaves With LA's KCRW

Henry Rollins might not look like your average Jack-of-all-trades, but his resume sure fits the bill. Between his stint as Black Flag’s vocalist in the 80s, to IFC documentary maker, and even as an occasional blogging for Vanity Fair Rollins does it all. But after LA’s Indie 103 went down, we were wondering when we would see Rollins run back to radio. Thankfully, the outspoken “Liar” hasn’t disappointed, and is coming back to FM airwaves, starting in March. read more »

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Flashback Friday Video – Rollins Band "Liar"

It’s not like he needs the work, but with the news of Henry Rollins losing his radio gig this week, we decided to pay tribute to his former-but-not-as-good-as-Black-Flag-band. read more »

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