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Stream: Dean Blunt feat. Joanne Robertson, “DEF freestyle” and “50 Cent”

Another year, another confusing Dean Blunt development. It’s January 2nd, a lot of people are still fried from New Years, and the music industry is slowly, fitfully twitching itself awake. It’s pretty much the worst … read more »

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Gatekeeper Press Shot

Interview: Gatekeeper

Last week Hippos in Tanks released Brooklyn-via-Chicago duo Gatekeeper’s insane debut LP, Exo, a sharp and immersive album that the music equivalent of electrified blood and Ridley Scott’s view of the early 22nd century, if … read more »

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Stream Gatekeeper’s Album Exo

Best listened to as a whole, NYC duo Gatekeeper’s Exo is like a 35-minute joyride along the glowing neon grids of a digital dimension in a suped-up sports car. Seamlessly navigating through the freaky textures … read more »

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Physical-Therapy-Press Shot

Interview: Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy, the New Jersey/New York producer with a sweet ear for high-tempo remixes, released his first EP of original material last month on Hippos in Tanks. Stream the EP, called Safety Net, below, buy … read more »

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physical therapy

Physical Therapy f. Jamie Krasner, “Drone On” MP3

Physical Therapy’s new tune, “Drone On,” is one of the best things he’s produced, and the exact opposite of drone. It’s as Gwen Stefani “Luxurious” as the shirt he’s wearing in the photo above. If … read more »

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Stream: Physical Therapy, “Record Sales”

New Jersey’s preeminent 420-friendly remixer and hot yoga enthusiast turned urban cowboy, Physical Therapy, has at long last readied his debut EP, Safety Net. The first single gets straight to the big question for any … read more »

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Stream White Car’s Album Everyday Grace

The only way to describe White Car’s album Everyday Grace is fucked up. It’s not that it’s noise music or that any of this is hard to listen to, or even especially alien, instead it’s … read more »

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Grimes, “Vanessa” MP3

Grimes! Making some of the creepiest pop music around. Even as it gets more polished, as it does here on “Vanessa,” she’s still got an almost childlike falsetto that sounds completely inhuman. Like music made … read more »

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