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Holiday Shores, “Threepeat Got Old” MP3

Man, if only our parents had accurately conveyed to us that adult life involves a lot of not being outside when it’s nice to be outside. That’s pretty much the one thing we didn’t figure … read more »

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Double Vision: Holiday Shores

We go to a lot of concerts. More often than not, we end up filming these concerts. But our modern eyes have become bored and weary of looking the same ole’ shots of faces and … read more »

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Video: Holiday Shores, “Errand of Tongue”

In the massive gray area that is the music industry right now, you can either become the largest band ever and hit the festival circuit, or you can stay small and play bar shows for … read more »

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Holiday Shores, “Your Motion Says” (Arthur Russell Cover) MP3

This is not an invitation for every band to cover the immensely coverable Arthur Russell, but we will say that the majority of reworks we’ve heard lately have been pretty solid. Next in line is … read more »

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At The Bar With Southern Comfort: Holiday Shores, “Up On The Roof”

It’s the final episode of At The Bar With Southern Comfort, in which we travel to some of our favorite new bands’ hometowns (or as near as we can get) and film them covering some … read more »

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A Tripwire Guide to the Best Unofficial, Badge Be Damned CMJ Parties

Sort of like a Lonely Planet just for CMJ. And you. read more »

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Holiday Shores Get Evangelical(s) on Tour

Better that than the Clap. read more »

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Holiday Shores Stream Their Entire Album Online

Back in ye olden times, Tuesdays were a cause for celebration. You could go to the record store and peruse hundreds of albums that you couldn’t even find on the internet! Keeping all your CDs … read more »

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FADER TV: Open Bar with Holiday Shores

The best thing about doing these Open Bar editions of FADER TV at Heathers is watching bands figure out how to perform in cramped spaces with nothing but the equipment they brought with them, after … read more »

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Freeload: Holiday Shores, “Phones Don’t Feud” MP3

Bands! Pick a name and stick with it. It is less confusing for everyone and no one thinks your name is as corny as you think it is. We’re going to let this one slide … read more »

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