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Stream: Holy Fuck, “Red Lights (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix)”

We’re not in a band but we do own stuff that cost us money, and for that reason we know how much it absolutely, deeply, deeply sucks to get your shit jacked, which is what … read more »

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Video: Holy Fuck, “Red Lights”

The cynic in us would just assume that the cat-heavy new video for “Red Lights” off of this year’s Latin is classic meme fodder, but isn’t it possible that something more ambitious is happening here? … read more »

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Bishop Morocco cover

Premiere: Holy Fuck, “Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco RMX)” MP3

It’s easy to forget how solid a lot of Holy Fuck tracks are, what with all the noise and dancing usually attendant to listening to the Canadian band. Here’s a helpful reminder: Toronto band Bishop … read more »

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