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Stream: Holy Other, “Held” (Tim Hecker Remix)

It’d be a stretch to call Tim Hecker accessible, but his remix of Holy Other’s “Held” hits all the grandiose, so-pretty-it-hurts-to-listen-to high notes that great soundtracks hit. This isn’t a call for Hecker to soundtrack … read more »

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Stream: Holy Other, “Love Some1 (Teengirl Fantasy Remix f. Kelela)”

New York duo Teengirl Fantasy re-enlist Kelela, the vocalist behind one of their own greatest songs, for a totally re-imagined, far more dance-appropriate remix of Holy Other’s molten slug of bass, “Love Some1,” off the … read more »

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Stream: Holy Other, “Love Some1″

Here’s a new track by Holy Other, who has just announced his debut album on Tri Angle. It’s pretty dark. The song is often drumless, or framed by big hits, which gives it a freeform … read more »

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MoMA PS1′s Warm Up 2012 Lineup

Judging from MoMA PS1’s Warm Up lineup, we will once again be spending our summer Saturdays sweaty and stoked in the courtyard of MoMA PS1. This year we’ll be shaded (and the air will be … read more »

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Stream: Andy Stott and The Haxan Cloak Remix Holy Other

Probably one of the bigger misconceptions about Holy Other is that he makes dark music. On the surface, that is what it is, but peel back a layer or two and it feels thick and … read more »

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Stream: This Will Destroy You, “Black Dunes” (Holy Other’s Woman in the Dunes Mix)

Maybe Holy Other felt that his remix of This Will Destroy You’s “Black Dunes” was so divorced from the original, that he needed to semi-retitle it. Or maybe he just went on a Hiroshi Teshigahara … read more »

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Stream: How To Dress Well, “Suicide Dream” (Holy Other Effervescent Mix)

If Baz Luhrman were making Romeo and Juliet now, if he needed some Catholic romance and gospel melodrama for the internet age, perhaps he would’ve used this Holy Other remix of How to Dress Well, … read more »

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Walls, “Sunporch” (Holy Other Remix) MP3

You pretty much know what you’re going to get from Holy Other at this point, even when he’s remixing someone else, like he’s doing here for Walls. That’s not a bad thing though. There’ll probably … read more »

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Video: Holy Other, “Know Where”

Holy Other‘s MFK-directed “Know Where” video goes in super hard on the bad TV effects. Every shot pulsates and wiggles left and right, scan lines and bleach spill over the Vimeo frame. It’s an unsettling … read more »

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Holy Other “Touch” (Blood Diamond + Supreme Cuts Remixes) MP3

To celebrate the release of Holy Other’s With U EP, Tri Angle has released four remixes of the EP’s standout “Touch” from Blood Diamonds, Cupp Cave, Matthewdavid and Supreme Cuts.” We’ve decided to play favorites, … read more »

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