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FADER Mix: Hot Sugar

It’s hard for me to understand what it’s like to be Hot Sugar, the New York producer whose dead-eyed selfies and brilliance with sampling make him probably the only Tumblr celebrity with a Grammy nomination. … read more »

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Video: Hot Sugar f. Antwon, Lakutis and Big Baby Gandhi, “Mama, I’m A Man”

Hot Sugar, Antwon, Lakutis and Big Baby Gandhi ride an impossible escalator in the video for “Mama, I’m A Man,” a standout track Hot “The White David Banner on the loop” Sugar’s excellent Man Made … read more »

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Stream: Lakutis, “Body Scream”

FADER PREMIERE Lakutis, wily New York rapper, yogi and Marmot Biggie historian, will release a new LP, Three Seashells, on January 16th via Greedhead. Here’s climax track “Body Scream,” produced by Hot Sugar, in which … read more »

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hot sugar made man the gtw erica video

Video: Hot Sugar f. The GTW, “Erica”

FADER PREMIERE Just days after wrapping up his “intimate tour of the romance countries,” adept producer and internet user Hot Sugar is moving on to his Made Man EP, out on October 1st and featuring … read more »

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Video: Hot Sugar f. Kool A.D., Fat Tony, Lakutis and Nasty Nigel, “Leverage”

Hot Sugar’s working on a new feature-filled EP (titled Made Man, no release date yet), but in the meantime he’s released an uncensored version of last year’s Midi Murder. To celebrate, here’s a video for … read more »

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Video: Kitty Pryde, “Dead Island” + D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP

While it was going down last year, the online backlash to Kitty Pryde’s “Okay Cupid” video (and to her identity in general) seemed like it would drown out her future chances in music—those of a … read more »

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Video: Hot Sugar f. Heems, “56k”

Just before Halloween, New York/internet-based producer Nick Koenig bka Hot Sugar dropped his MiDi Murder EP, and today we get a video for standout “56k” featuring Heems. Hot Sugar takes iPhone selfies in front of … read more »

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Stream: Hot Sugar, “#MindControl”

You might know Hot Sugar as the dude who produced a good chunk of the beats on Big Baby Gandhi’s NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 mixtape. He’s got his own EP coming out May 15th … read more »

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Big Baby Gandhi f. Fat Tony, “Lurkin” MP3

There’s something in the tenor of Big Baby Gandhi’s rapping that demands attention. The Queens-bred rapper, signed to Greedhead Music, imbues his rhymes with a sense of urgency, whether he’s getting political as he does … read more »

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