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Stream: HTRK, “Blue Sunshine”

As previously reported, London-via-Melbourne duo HTRK (pronounced “hate rock”) is gearing up for the release of their third full-length, Psychic 9-5 Club—their first album since 2011, following the untimely passing of founding member Sean Stewart. … read more »

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Stream: HTRK, “Give It Up”

FADER PREMIERE New material from Australian electronic duo HTRK only comes along every so often, an infrequency that amplifies the mysteriousness inherent in their music’s dubby low-end fascination and heartbroken, sluggish gait. Truth be told, … read more »

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Stream: HTRK, “Poison (Mika Vainio Remix)”

FADER PREMIERE New HTRK tracks don’t seem to come along very often, but when they do, they tend to haunt me for months. The Aussie duo (pronounced and formerly known as “Hate Rock”) are masters … read more »

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Stream: Standish/Carlyon, “Nono/Yoyo (HTRK Remix)”

Though Deleted Scenes is only their first album under the Standish/Carlyon moniker, the Australian duo of ex-Devastations members Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon has already proved masterfully adept at sluggish, sexy, subtly wonked vocal dance … read more »

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Why Are Fan Videos Obsessed With The New Wave?

Jean-Luc Godard made films for a generation raised on Marx & Coca Cola, but it’s damn near impossible to name the innumerable icons to which to reduce ours, a generation that witnessed the quick rise … read more »

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