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Babe Rainbow f. Yung Clova, “Greed (LOL Boys Remix)” MP3

Even if you heard the original version of Canadian producer Babe Rainbow’s collaboration with Huntsville’s Yung Clova of G-Side, this remix by the LOL Boys will sound completely new. While the original took on a … read more »

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Jhi Ali

Download PRGz Born 2 Ball Mixtape

While fellow Huntsville-residents G-Side have taken the Block Beattaz production sound and made a career out of world-weary but excitedly global raps, the PRGz crew is using that same sound as a jumping off point … read more »

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G-Side f. Stalley and Joi Tiffany, “Gettin It” MP3

Everything is fair game for Huntsville, Alabama producers Block Beattaz: Robert Miles, tATu, the list could go on. But for now, it’s worth noting that they sampled Tame Impala, which is actually bananas but somehow … read more »

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G-Side, “I’m Sorry” (Jake One Remix) MP3

G-Side’s original “I’m Sorry,” produced by Bossman, is languid and perfect for the hazy blue hour where you’d like nothing better than to sit in the car, windows down, driving slow, blunt optional (but recommended). … read more »

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G-Side f. G-Mane, “Relaxin” MP3

UPDATE: It appears to have slipped our minds that this song is actually not a “new” NPR premiere, and made the internet rounds awhile back. I even wrote about the song! My bad. I listen … read more »

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Stream: PRGz, Hood Headlinaz Vol. 3 Mixtape

A pretty heavy portion of this Hood Headlinaz tape is produced by Block Beattaz, and if you’re familiar with this blog, you’ll know that those dudes have yet to make a beat that is not, … read more »

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Stream: Kristmas’ Album W-2 Boy

Kristmas‘ whole thing is that he’s a legit member of the workforce. He’s got a job on the books and is definitely going to tell you about it. It’s grown man rap in the most … read more »

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Video: G-Side f. SLASH, “Came Up”

The magic of light! G-Side get a video for the string-heavy “Came Up,” and it’s their best yet.

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ST 2 Lettaz and DaVinci, “Get Her High” (Prod. by Lunice) MP3

Alabama’s ST 2 Lettaz of G-Side links up with the Bay’s DaVinci for a Lunice produced track that sounds like dudes rapping in a submarine, for obvious reasons. Underwater rap: the new space rap? (via … read more »

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Premiere: Big KRIT, “Hometown Hero (Block Beataz Remix)” MP3

It’s a miracle that Alabama’s own melancholy futurist production team Block Beataz are only now getting involved in this song, as it fits their sound perfectly. And actually, it’s pretty subdued even for them, temporarily … read more »

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