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Stream: B-Luv and DB tha General f. Husalah, “Back Up”

Prior to Husalah‘s mid-decade incarceration, he released a joint record with Vallejo rapper B-Luv entitled The Tonka Boyz, which featured the regional hit “Cuttin It Up.” Now B-Luv has united with the Bay’s latest live … read more »

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Husalah f. Lox and Mitchy Slick, “Still ’88 Fresh” MP3

Although it’s not scheduled to appear on Husalah’s upcoming Mob Maniac LP, “Still ’88 Fresh” hits hard. Over an ’80s pop loop, Hus is joined by West Coast legend Mitchy Slick (whose 2001 LP Triggeration … read more »

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B-Luv and Husalah f. Roach Gigz, “Reppin 4 Da Cuddie” MP3

With the release of new albums by E-40, DB Tha General and the NhT Boyz, it’s been a big week for Bay Area rap. But perhaps the most exciting bit to emerge from the scene … read more »

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Feva f. Husalah and Franchise, “Handsome” MP3

Alongside Akron, OH, Kansas City is one of the Bay Area’s satellite regions in the midwest. It’s also the home of Feva, a rapper who recently compiled an ambitious two-disc set of hip-hop that sounds … read more »

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Stream: The Mekanix f. Husalah, DB The General, Lil Mikey and Rico Tha Kid, “Home of the A’s”

The Mekanix are a Bay Area production team responsible for some the biggest tracks for the Livewire camp. They just released a No-DJ compilation of some of their best work, entitled Chop Shop, directly through … read more »

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Video: Street Knowledge f. The Jacka and Husalah, “I’ma Boss”

It might seem odd to get excited about an “I’ma Boss” remix a year after the original dropped, but this particular version deserves notice for including verses from Husalah and The Jacka in prime form. … read more »

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Young Sam, “To The Bay” MP3

There’s no question that Los Angeles’ Jerkin movement owes much of its sound and early momentum to the Bay Area’s Hyphy renaissance that took place a few years prior. On the all too short (no … read more »

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Roach Gigz’ Bitch, I’m a Player EP

Who knew this was going to be so dark? The generally playful Roach Gigz gets a little more intense than usual over copious Castlevania gothic organs, enlists just a couple guests (including Husalah and Lil … read more »

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Roach Gigz f. Lil B and Husalah, “Stupid (Remix)” MP3

Hyphy back. Roachy’s Bitch I’m A Player EP drops Tuesday. Download: Roach Gigz f. Lil B & Husalah, “Stupid (Remix)”

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Video: E-40 f. Clyde Carson and Husalah, “Light Weight Jammin’”

We never expected to say this in 2010, but watching all these E-40 videos is almost more fun than just listening to his new records. For “Light Weight Jammin’,” 40 raps in front of a … read more »

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