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Yelawolf Remembers Notorious BIG

Asking anyone about Biggie and is like playing six degrees of separation. It definitely felt that way at the FADER FORT by FIAT, at least, when we asked Yelawolf to talk about what Biggie meant … read more »

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dj kap

Video: Notorious BIG Throws a Water Bottle at DJ Big Kap (Live in San Francisco, 1995)

You know what made Big Kap a great DJ? A major fuck up. Or at least that’s how he tells it. In the summer of ’95 Kap headed out to San Francisco with Biggie and … read more »

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Grab FADER #73 Digitally from Zinio Right Now

FADER #73 features personal accounts from the intern present during Big’s first meeting with Tupac. Diddy talks about life after Big and there’s a photo essay surveying how the most important landscapes in Biggie’s life—his … read more »

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killer mike

Interview: Killer Mike Remembers Notorious BIG

Killer Mike’s face lit up when we asked him about Big at the FADER FORT by FIAT. He told us about his days as a “fat, fly motherfucker” in training, wearing his hustler-uncle’s Coogi sweaters … read more »

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