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GEN F: Ida Maria

I wish Ida Maria had told me she was sitting in a hot tub with some good looking, almost underage dudes and a bowl full of cocaine while listening to Stevie Wonder, getting a pedicure … read more »

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Video: Ida Maria f. Iggy Pop, “Oh My God”

This is where we find out Iggy Pop has a secret Norwegian love child. Such a sensible pairing, blood relation or not, with the elder statesman of wriggling around and freaking out matched with hoarse-voiced … read more »

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Ida Maria – "Queen Of The World" [Live] + Tour Dates

Ida Maria’s reeeeeeeal spicy. read more »

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Exclusive Video: Ida Maria, “Forgive Me” (Live)

You can’t say beloved Norwegian rock band Ida Maria doesn’t earn their keep, man, this chick gets it in! We would be panting like stuck pigs if we were sweating this much, but her voice … read more »

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Polly Scattergood

What’s most remarkable is that no matter how far into the depths of despair Scattergood reaches (and when she channels death by suicide as in “Untitled 27″ or by cancer in “Breathe In Breathe Out”, those depths are very deep), her work retains a strange sense of hope. read more »

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Freeload: Ida Maria, “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked”

You know what’s weird about this Ida Maria song? The “so much” in the title. Just regular “better” wasn’t enough? Did you like me at all with clothes on? Maybe you hated me and then … read more »

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