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Stream: Ital, “Nodding”

FADER PREMIERE The increasingly off-the-grid-sounding Brooklyn producer Ital is reviving his “intermittently active” Lovers Rock label with a two-track self-release this month, excerpted from some protracted, late-night hardware sessions he did at the Red Bull … read more »

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Stream Ital’s Album Dream On

Ital’s Daniel Martin-McCormick, who recently showed us how to make a killer burger, is dropping his second full-length this year on November 5th, via Planet Mu. A bit denser and more twisted than Hive Mind, … read more »

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Video: Ital, “Boi”

Ital offers up a techno chant on “Boi” for those that worship at the altar of Beyonce, repeating a vocal sample from her song with Sean Paul “Baby Boy” until it’s a droning, spiritualized meditation. … read more »

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How To: Make a Burger with Ital

This week, as kids and adults head back to schools around the globe, we’ve joined the collective teaching moment with a series of “How To” videos, a sort of FADER school taught by some gifted … read more »


Music Lessons: Seven Artists Share Their Wisdom

Whether it’s psychedelic drugs, Bowie or Burt Reynolds, musicians are influenced and inspired by the world at large. We talked to seven artists about their greatest musical lessons—things they’ve learned either through experience or from … read more »

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In eighth grade my English teacher assigned the class a research paper on a modern artist. He suggested subjects for us, and said I might like to write about German painter Max Ernst. His reasoning … read more »

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Freak Scene: The Unsound Festival

Freak Scene originally began as a way for us to cover weird and out-there music in a specific corner of the FADER site. Over the years, coverage ranged from harsh noise to psychedelic folk to … read more »

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Stream: Ital, “Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)”

Ital’s “It Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)” and the accompanying slide show (streaming below) is like a momento mori for romantic optimism. We’ve got a time-warpy clip of Whitney’s hair-raising vibrato from The Bodyguard. … read more »

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Four on the Floor: Electronic Labels

Everything goes in cycles, and right now we’re currently somewhere in the late-middle period of a heavy electronic music resurgence. Everyone involved is obsessed with talking about the textures of their music, and even more … read more »

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Water Borders, “What Wiwant” (Ital Remix) MP3

There’s a beat on Ital’s remix of “What Wiwant” that sounds a little bit like the noise iTunes makes when you turn down the volume. I had an out of body experience thinking I was … read more »

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