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Line Item: J. Sabatino’s Leather Bomber

Sure, we could (and do) talk endlessly about the clothes we love, but for our new column Line Item, we’ll be asking some of our favorite designers to tell us what they think about the … read more »

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On The Street: J. Sabatino at New York Fashion Week

No one is a better ambassador for their own brand than Jason Sabatino, the vintage-loving designer of namesake label J. Sabatino. He was spotted at his own presentation looking as good as, if not better … read more »

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Fashion Week in a Day: Patrik Ervell, Thom Browne and J. Sabatino

It’s not easy running all over Manhattan in 6-inch heels, but that’s what plenty of fashion freaks do to ensure they make it to every show during New York Fashion Week. The FADER Style team … read more »

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Jim Jarmusch Plays Muse at Uniqlo

We’re happy to note that Japanese brands have been taking cues from our favorite style era, the messy, thrift store side of the 1980s shown best in Jim Jarmusch movies like Down By Law and … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: J. Sabatino

J. Sabatino has always had cinematic vision, sourcing inspiration for his moody collections from Jim Jarmusch movies and New York romance. The presentation for fall was no different, housed in the theatre of a crackling … read more »

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Island Hopping: J. Sabatino Finds His New York in the Middle of Tokyo

The Big Apple’s haphazard bluster is easier to impart with loose jazz than stiff cotton, but J. Sabatino’s designs feel like a combination of both—cuts and cloth seemingly more riffed than sewn. Sabatino, who spent … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: J. Sabatino’s Spring 2011 Collection

J. Sabatino is pretty new to New York’s fashion week, but his attitude is successfully decades old. He’s got a swagger that seems more 1970s than 2010s and a nonchalance that’s sorely needed in a … read more »

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New York Fashion Week, in Photos

Fashion Week has a way of inspiring extra plumage from its already polished devotees. Everyone spreads their wings a bit wider and stretches themselves a bit taller, stomping and picking around Lincoln Center and Milk … read more »

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J. Sabatino Fall 2010

Too many labels have said they’re inspired by New York, but how often do we see it reflected in the clothes? J. Sabatino spoke the truth, though, when the designer made claims to the city … read more »

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