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Ten Artists Talk About The Songs They Can’t Stop Falling in Love With

Pop music very likely taught you more about the birds and the bees than your parents ever did, so it’s no surprise that when you actually experience the highs and lows of love, it’s music … read more »

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Video: Jim James, “A New Life”

In his recent FADER interview, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James said that his new album was inspired partly by a 1929 graphic novel called God’s Man, which follows an artist who sells his soul … read more »

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Interview: Jim James

Today, Jim James releases his solo debut, Regions of Light and Sound of God. It’s a jammer. The My Morning Jacket frontman gets a little gritty and a lot funky, singing love songs and the … read more »

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Why Are Fan Videos Obsessed With The New Wave?

Jean-Luc Godard made films for a generation raised on Marx & Coca Cola, but it’s damn near impossible to name the innumerable icons to which to reduce ours, a generation that witnessed the quick rise … read more »

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Meet Scott Carney

He fronts and motors Wax Fang, a three-piece, Louisville-based guitarmy that we (and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James) count as one of our favorite rock bands right now. He’s playing “Avant Guardian Angel,” an instrumental … read more »

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The Roots Call On God In New Video, Get Sent Straight To Voicemail

The Roots’ Black Thought plays a modern day Travis Bickle in their new video for “Dear God 2.0.” Like De Niro’s famed Taxi Driver character, he drives around the city, ferrying a menagerie of low-lifes … read more »

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The New Roots Album: Fairly Indie-Rocky or The Most Indie-Rocky Rap Album Ever?

Pitchfork pointed out today that ?uestlove posted some studio sessions with his crew and the three female members of Dirty Projectors. This comes in addition to both a Joanna Newsom sample and some added vocals … read more »

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Video: Monsters of Folk, “Dear God”

When this album came out (and the song had the suffix “Sincerely Monsters of Folk“), did anyone think it sounded like folk-disco? Because it does. And the drum machine sounds like it’s from a Black … read more »

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Listen to Jim James' George Harrison Tribute EP

Big Yimmy gets jamming! read more »

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Monsters of Folk Plan Monstrous Fall Tour

Big, big rooms. read more »

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