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Interview: Snoop Dogg

Saying that Snoop Dogg is currently undergoing an artistic renaissance largely overlooks the fact that he has, since the early ’90s, always been a versatile pop fixture. Instead, Snoop is experiencing a reinvention—or as his … read more »

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NYC Film: Nina Simone – Great Performances

Andy Stroud’s rare-footage documentary, Nina Simone Great Performances: College Concerts and Interviews, opens at The Maysles Institute in New York City tonight. Stroud was Simone’s husband and manager and when we chose to feature her … read more »


Five Questions For Chris Cornell

I almost don’t recognize Chris Cornell as he’s accompanied into his dressing room by his intimidating bodyguard: the vocalist has his hair tied up and has a cool demeanor reminiscent of nonchalance. But after grabbing a Diet Coke and settling into a black couch, the former Soundgarden/Audioslave singer, solo artist, and Paris restaurateur eyes me with a signal to begin. read more »

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200 Million Thousand

As the number of imitators grow, and In The Red starts to become relevant on a level beyond the Goner record shop, the Black Lips still stay ahead of the pack just enough to wave a collective finger at those trying to catch up. It’s as if they’re saying to the music world, “yeah, you’re doing what we did on our last record, here’s what you’ll be doing on your next one.” read more »

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