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By The Numbers: James Blake’s Enough Thunder

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits and primary colors. This week, we look at James Blake’s latest EP Enough Thunder, which features a … read more »

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Stream: James Blakes’ Enough Thunder EP

Last night we were all a bit torn to find that James Blake was playing right above our very own FADER #76 issue release party (how to be in two places at once?), which was … read more »

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Stream: James Blake, “Not Long Now”

Gilles Peterson played a new track off of James Blake’s Enough Thunder EP (out October 1st on Atlas) on his BBC Radio 1 show last night. The EP will also include Blake’s much-hyped collaboration with … read more »

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Open Bar: Austra

Austra came through Veronica Peoples Club in Brooklyn to haunt the small patch of garden they found outside and sing a couple tunes for us, including their cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock.” Check that out … read more »

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kalup and franco

James Franco Has an Actual Record Deal

James Franco and Kalup Linzy—the majorly endearing Brooklyn performance artist whose MoMA and Whitney-featured, soap opera-inspired video series landed him a bizarre cameo alongside Franco on General Hospital—just signed to Dutty Artz. Their group, Kalup … read more »

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Austra Does “Woodstock”

So not surprising that Ontario-based Austra did a pretty nice cover of Alberta’s own Joni Mitchell. Canadians are so nice! Austra sounds super articulate in Mitchell’s garden, and Mitchell sounds way more stardusty in Austra’s … read more »

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Tina Fey’s Got Lilith Flare

You may or may not have noticed the Lilith-like ballad playing in the background of the last episode of 30 Rock. Let’s have another listen: If the rambling, sing-songy confessional style seems familiar to you … read more »

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James Blake Re-Conquers The BBC, Covers His Dad and Joni Mitchell

During a Wednesday session with BBC’s Zane Lowe, James Blake said he didn’t “get” jazz, performed a cymballed-out live take on “The Wilhelm Scream,” and played “Where To Turn,” a yacht-prog song recorded by his … read more »

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Lover Have a New Harvest

This is the second Stylee Fridays dedicated to an Antipodean label in the space of the month, and it’s really no coincidence, since between Scandinavia, New Zealand and Australia we could probably create an entire … read more »

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Music To Heal By: An Interview With William Fitzsimmons

“Some people make candlesticks, I make people sad as hell,” William Fitzsimmons joked with the audience at his show in Louisville, Ky. He didn’t lie — though his soothing voice will hush a noisy crowd, his dark folk songs are post-divorce and desperate for lost love. Between songs, however, Fitzsimmons is gifted at dry wit and deadpan delivery, a master at using humor to soften the edge of his self-deprecating pleading. read more »

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