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Fashion’s Night Out: The Set List

Today, September 8th, the storm that is Fashion’s Night Out hits New York. With over a thousand stores participating this year and diehard shoppers swarming the streets, shit is bound to get a little crazy. … read more »

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Maud’s Bigger in Texas: Day 4

My final day in Austin was the hottest yet, literally. I realized late Friday night that the shoes I had been wearing were soon to lose their soles, and after days and days of The … read more »

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Keds and The Whitney Make Art For Your Feet

Back in July Keds teamed up with artists from the Whitney Biennial to lend their vision to the All-American sneaker. This week, phase two of the KedsWhitney Collection was released, this time with Laura Owens … read more »

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Gap And Keds Collaborate For A Clean Skippies Throwback

The Gap and Keds are like two peas in a stylistic pod. They’re unfussy and classic brands that look as good now as they did in the past. For this collaboration, the two brands stuck … read more »

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Itemized: Keds Champions in White

Every week a different FADER staff member will pick a clothing item or accessory that he or she has lately been spending a lot of time with—or would like to—and write a little love letter … read more »

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Carly Margolis and Her Cosmic Keds

Carly Margolis usually mixes up an inspirational cocktail of about five influences when she goes to work on a collection—science fiction, mythology, tribalism, futurism and something ancient—and the five marvelous plimsolls she’s designed for Keds … read more »

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A Visit to The Foundation: New Goodies From Huf, Generic Man, Play Cloths and More

The Foundation is home to some of our favorite brands, and an invitation to see the new collections at their showroom is always a chance to play imaginary dress-up with our digital cameras. After the … read more »

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On The Street: Chelsea

Sometimes putting together a good outfit is as simple as picking up the most flavorful classics off the bedroom floor—a good plaid shirt, some chinos and a simple pair of plimsoles (in this case the … read more »

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