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Phaseone, “Right Wrong” MP3

“Right and A Wrong Way” is one of the only songs from Keith Sweat’s debut 1987 album Make It Last Forever that was not a huge huge hit. It’s a blessed whine about how he … read more »

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Video: Keith Sweat f. Joe, "Test Drive"

Keith Sweat and Joe had a winner on their hands when they paired two of man’s greatest vices big bodied cars and the women they want to fit in them. The combination of the two … read more »

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Parental Advisory: Keith Sweat f. Joe "Test Drive"

Check for updates on what your parent’s favorite musicians are doing in our daily Parental Advisory post. Today’s soul pioneer still making a stamp on music: Keith Sweat.

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Dedication: Tony Starks, the REAL Tony Starks

We are not totally clear what the plot is about but we are certain that Iron Man 2 LOOKS AMAZING. Today we dedicate the sensual track to it because it makes us feel CRAZY INSIDE. … read more »

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