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Video: Kim Ann Foxman, “Return It”

Former Hercules and Love Affair singer Kim Ann Foxman has a new single, her first in about two years, with “Return It.” In both the video’s style and the song’s sound, it’s not too distant … read more »

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Stream: Max Essa “How Do You Feel” (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)

Max Essa’s original of “How Do You Feel” was supposed to be a morning-after jam, slow lounge music for sunglasses-on and not much movement. Kim Ann Foxman is uninterested in the hangover. When asked to … read more »

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Kim Ann Foxman’s Don’t Stay In Mix

Kim Ann Foxman must be busy. Mixes, albums, videos, solo song “Creature” now out on iTunes, her and Hercules and Love Affair are turning into a dance assembly line, a conga train that never stops … read more »

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Hercules and Love Affair’s New Album Is Dramatic As Gay Ballet

The start-your-engines opening pan flutes are a light Enya breeze, maybe, a warm welcome. But that’s over quick, and then, those very first violins on the very first song “Painted Eyes” have more gay drama … read more »

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Video: Hercules and Love Affair, “My House”

If you spent your childhood voluntarily estranged and inside, nose close to a thick television looping MTV Grind and wishing the (actually super live) party wasn’t made for sound stage but in your basement, that … read more »

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Premiere: Kim Ann Foxman’s FADER Mix

Hercules and Love Affair diva Kim Ann Foxman‘s new mix for us sounds like the ideal New York weekend we always dreamed of having, even before we lived here. And since today is Friday, perhaps … read more »

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Video: Kim Ann Foxman, “Creature”

It’s really good when a jam’s music video is exactly how we had already storyboarded it the minute we first heard the song. It’s either time to start believing in Jung’s collective unconscious or just … read more »

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Premiere Stream: MR. INTL (Kim Ann Foxman & Andrew Butler), “Creature”

SOOOO DEEP. “Deep” as in house, but also “deep” as in “so profound it inspired three people in the office to admit to each other that Party Girl is our favorite movie and that when … read more »

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