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Download Bathetic’s Hits of Past Cassettes Compilation

Bathetic is a label that specializes in worn, ambient, dusty, moody lo-fi. Most of it comes out on cassette, though they release vinyl as well, and all of it feels homemade and honest. Because of … read more »

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Stream: King Dude, “You Can Break My Heart”

Depending on how much you value sincerity, King Dude‘s “You Can Break My Heart” will either sort of work for you or really hit you in your stoic, potentially ultra-masculine windswept emotional core. Call it … read more »

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King Dude, “My Beloved Ghost” MP3

Seattle’s King Dude bka TJ Cowgill, the man behind Actual Pain, sounds like a really sarcastic band name. Like, “Alright King DUDE, we’ll go where you want to go for dinner.” But his music is … read more »

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