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la sera interview fader fort by fiat

Interview With La Sera at the FADER FORT by FIAT

La Sera stopped by the FADER FORT by FIAT last week sporting some new freckles and gorgeous red locks that may have been altered by Sun-In™ back in junior high but are all-natural now. She … read more »

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Maud’s Bigger in Texas: Listmania Edition

My Week in Austin is over, I’m back in Los Angeles. There were things that didn’t make it into my posts, however, and since I want you to feel like you, too, were there in … read more »

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Video: La Sera, “Never Come Around”

Katy Goodman’s Dexter fantasy! Super awesome DARK TIMES!

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La Sera, “Never Come Around” MP3

Katy Goodman, Vivian Girls bassist and intrepid video game reporter, has just released a 7-inch for her new solo project, and it’s candy sweet with debutante harmonies and sunray guitars. Sounds like she’s been having … read more »

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