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The Twilight Sad, “NIL (Liars Remix)” MP3

For their remix of The Twilight Sad’s “NIL,” Liars inject the gloom with a bit of jacked-up horror that all but abandons the original’s mopey brogue for a menacingly uplifting beat. It’s the first release … read more »

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Insound’s 10 for 10 Design Series (feat Beach House, Girls & more)

Our FADER Media partners over at Insound just unveiled their brand new 10 x 10 Design Series, which collects limited edition screenprinted posters and T-shirts created by Chicago-based studio Sonnenzimmer and inspired by a selection … read more »

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Liars’ Daytrotter Session MP3s

Honestly, if someone asked us to describe what Liars sound like, we’d be like, Ummmm not really sure because we haven’t heard them in a little while and who knows what they could be doing? … read more »

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Devendra Banhart Remixes Liars "The Overachievers"

To borrow heavily from one of our favorite Party Down jokes, both of these acts are basically in the business of being weird. This is all well and good, and definitely part of their charm. … read more »


Stream: Liars, “The Overachievers (Devendra Banhart Remix)” MP3

Devendra Banhart has transformed Liars into some toasted lounge singers. The fingerpicked guitar is certainly lovely. This feels as though it was made beside a bog. This remix comes from Liars’ “The Over Achievers” single, … read more »

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Video: Liars, "The Overacheivers"

This video works on two levels: first as the depressing internal narrative of a wealthy, healthy but emotionally destitute man, and second, as Liars’ 1980s, punk-style protest of mediocrity. (To be fair, elliptical trainers are … read more »


Video: Liars, “Scissor”

Of all the bands that were associated with the burst of New York music in the early 2000s, Liars will forever be the one that was too willfully bizarre to reach the popular heights of … read more »

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Liars, “Scissor” MP3

Can someone with good art skills draw us a graph of Liars‘ career? We’re still trying to figure out how they went from yelping over brittle bass lines to recording concept albums about witches and … read more »

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Fol Chen – "Cable TV" (Liars Remix)

Their album just came out yesterday, and they’ve already been remixed — just more Fol Chen to love, we say. read more »

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Ad Age Lists Top Ten Songs Used In Commercials

Think your favorite artist is “selling out” when he sells his or her song to an ad on TV? Well, that’s Ad Age‘s bread and butter your messin’ with, so sit back, take the chip off your shoulder and watch what they consider the top 10 song-meets-product commercials of 2008. read more »

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