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Lungu Lungu: Highlife & Recklessness

Ghana-based Benjamin Lebrave speaks fluent French and English, and can schmooze in Spanish and Portuguese. He’ll report on new African music every other week. This week, it’s Dampoo and his highlife. The holiday season in … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: E.L.’s Azonto Beats are Crazy Chale!

It seems the word you hear the most in Accra is no longer “akwaaba” or even “chale”, but “azonto”. The azonto dance has taken Ghana by storm, and although everybody seems to know the dance … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Mutombo Speaks Poetry in Ghana

Holiday season in Accra means lots of entertainment. Many Ghanaians come home from abroad to celebrate with their families, and after family obligations are sorted, clubs and music venues fill up for the year’s busiest … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Where My Money Dey?

If you spend a few days in Ghana, you’ll hear mostly upbeat dance music. On the radio, at bars or in clubs. It might lead you to believe that all popular music in Ghana is … read more »

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