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Stream Lokiboi’s Night Swing EP

Soon, London-via-Moscow producer and apparent buddha head Lokiboi will put out Night Swing via the new German label Telefonplan. While his past work has bounced between garage, juke and old school house, the new EP … read more »

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Lokiboi, “It’s Party Time” MP3

FADER PREMIERE Love whenever Lokiboi checks in. The Moscow-born and London-based producer sent over this track recently, a fun six-minute romp. There a few different breaks that recur throughout the song, and I like imagining … read more »

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Lokiboi, “Bounce That” MP3

Not long after releasing his debut EP via Somethinksounds, Moscow-born and London-based Lokiboi is back with a freebie, “Bounce That,” which freaks off nicely somewhere between the garagey sounds of his debut and fellow Russian … read more »

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Download Pictureplane’s Dimensional Rip 7: Thee Physical Remixes

The first thing on Pictureplane’s 19-track tome of Thee Physical remixes, Dimension Rip 7, is 50 unadulterated seconds of Laura Palmer’s theme from Twin Peaks, courtesy of Chapel Hill’s Extreme Animals, and it’s pretty much … read more »

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