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Stream: Heartbeat(s), “Somewhere Between”

Last year’s dissolution of LOL Boys, the deep house-inflected pair who never actually recorded together, seems to have been something of a mitosis breakup, yielding two artists—Jerome LOL and Heartbeat(s)—who are perfectly capable on their … read more »

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Stream: LOL Boys, “Changes (Todd Edwards Remix)”

LOL Boys have been slowly unveiling work from a cadre of remixers for their forthcoming “Changes Remixes” EP, which is out October 16th on Friends of Friends, and available for preorder now. Hard to top … read more »

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Stream: LOL Boys, “Changes (CFCF Remix)”

Mike Silver, aka CFCF, really went for it on this remix, sliding a melodic riff from Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is” (or Tupac’s “Changes”, depending on your era of reference) behind LOL Boys’ sleeper … read more »

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Jerome LOL, “Happy/Sad” MP3

Less than two months after the release of their excellent Changes EP, LOL Boys, the production duo of Los Angeles’ Jerome Potter and Montreal’s Markus Garcia, have announced an indefinite hiatus. Together, they’ll release a … read more »

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Video: LOL Boys, “Changes (Shlohmo Remix)”

Shlohmo’s downcast take on LOL Boys’ super ear-wormy single “Changes” gets an appropriately somber visualization from Video Marsh. It’s got romantic, abstracted shots of pretty girls in black and white that flicker in that seizure-inducing … read more »

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Stream: LOL Boys, “Changes (Shlohmo Remix)”

Shlohmo does his take on Friends of Friends labelmates LOL Boys’ “Changes,” stripping the original of its jazzy inflections and submerging the infectious refrain, things won’t change until we do, till it’s so slow and … read more »

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Download LOL Boys’ FADER Mix

This week’s FADER mix comes via LOL Boys, the collaborative effort of Montreal’s Markus Garcia and LA’s Jerome Potter, longtime internet friends who’ve just released an EP, Changes, on Friends of Friends. In conversation, the … read more »

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Stream: LOL Boys f. Heart Streets, “Changes”

LA/Montreal duo LOL Boys continue a hot streak of sentimental lounge music with “Changes,” the title track from their upcoming EP on Friends of Friends. Following the past few years’ widespread obsession among young producers … read more »

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Stream: LOL Boys f. Angelina Lucero, “Get Close To Me”

“Get Close To Me” is the first song LOL Boys—the LA/Montreal duo of Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia—have shared from Changes, their upcoming EP for Friends of Friends. It’s dance music, sure, but Angelina Lucero’s … read more »

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Elite Gymnastics’ Ruin 3 & 4

One of the best things about Elite Gymnastics’ Ruin project is that it could potentially go on ad infinitum, and given the duos creative range (see: video for Korallreven’s “Sa Sa Samoa”) who knows what … read more »

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