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Video: Love is All, “Bigger Bolder”

If Love is All completely abandoned albums in favor of singles we would be in no way mad. They’re a band that thrives on different iterations of the same thing. A million songs in a … read more »

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If You Love Swedish Pop, This is Your New Homepage

Some of us (no need to name names) are mildly obsessed with Swedes and their music, specifically the incredible incubator that is Gothenburg, home to The Tough Alliance, jj, Air France, The Embassy, Love Is … read more »

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Love is All, “Bigger Bolder” MP3

We started having crazy flashbacks to the early 2000s when the bass first kicked in, wheeling around to see if The Strokes snuck into our office to play a private show. While that would have … read more »

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Love Is All Sign To Polyvinyl, We Just Now Realize Where Their Name Came From

This is slightly sad news for us, as it was always fun to incorporate the name of their old label, What’s Your Rupture? into news posts. But alas we’re happy the Swedes have found a … read more »

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Love is All, “Kungen” MP3

If you’re a Love is All fan you know the deal. They’re ridiculously catchy and have a tendency to make different iterations of the same song over and over. Their greatest trick though, is that … read more »

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Japandroids To Wet Jimmy Fallon's Hair Tonight

To whomever’s in charge of booking over at Camp Fallon: we’d very much like to hug you and buy you one large beer. Over the past several months, the list of musical guests stopping by … read more »

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Freeload: Love is All, “Pappas Tant” (Tant Strul cover)

It takes a group with an identity as refined as FADER #37 cover stars Love is All to be so deeply into cover songs (i.e. their precociously lewd interpretation of “Darling Nikki”). Every prefab track … read more »

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Love Is All Release Free Covers Album

Love Is All has recorded a bunch of their favorite Swedish classics — including a cover of Lykke Li’s mom’s band, Tant Strul’s “Pappas Tant” — and will be giving away the tracks to fans for free at their upcoming shows and online. read more »

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A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night

It has always felt comfortable to refer to Love Is All in broad and complimentary terms. There is no denying around their bright, spirited indie-punk aesthetic, and their appeal is easily explained by their music’s … read more »

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Exclusive Video: Love is All, “Movie Romance” HALLOWEEN EDITION

A couple weeks ago, Sweden’s Love is All breezed through Heathers to play a quick set of new music for FADER TV’s Open Bar. When sax player Fredrik Eriksson hopped on the counter so a … read more »

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