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Beyond Digital Morocco 2011

Beyond Digital: Visiting Morocco to Listen Up Close

This summer, FADER’s photo editor John Francis Peters and I, along with a handful of other artists, spent a month in Africa working on an art and research project called Beyond Digital Morocco. As DJ … read more »

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Where The Internet Ends: DJ Rupture & Friends Go Beyond Digital in Morocco

The internet has changed and expanded how DJ’s work and what they can do, but sometimes that yellow brick road ends and it becomes impossible to collect the information you want and need online. Post-digital … read more »

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Nike Sportswear x The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #1: South America by Maga Bo

As part one of Nike Sportswear and The FADER’s Pitch Perfect program, we will be posting six mixtapes featuring music from six continents (sorry, Antarctica). Each mixtape will include brand new artwork by Siggi Eggertsson, … read more »

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The Let Out: Maga Bo

This week on the Let Out, the FADER’s weekly East Village Radio show, Dutty Artz’s Brazil-based cohort Maga Bo is going to come through for an hour of… actually we couldn’t tell you. We have … read more »

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Video: Maga Bo f. Teba, “Nqayi”

Brazil-based DJ/producer/global bass fiend Maga Bo hooked up with Cape Town’s African Dope Records crew to make “Nqayi,” filmed in Cape Town’s Guguletu township. According to Maga Bo, this track is “a slow hybrid baile … read more »

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Video: Maga Bo’s Mini-Doc on Ghislain Poirier

When Maga Bo isn’t making crazy beats or blowing our minds with his setlists, he’s making super interesting mini-documentaries on his friends—who are equally crazy beatmakers and mind-olympians. In this latest installment, Montreal sweet potato … read more »

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Audio: Maga Bo Plays A Bunch Of Songs We Have Never Heard

Over on Sinden‘s unfuckwithable KISS radio show, DJ Rupture‘s Soot Records signee Maga Bo came through to play a bunch of “transnational bass,” which apparently is just another way to say JAM CITY: POPULATION MAGA … read more »

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