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trinidad james liaars feat

Stream: Trinidad Jame$, “L.I.A.A.R.$.”

On stage last night at the Converse Rubber Track Studios in Brookyln, Atlanta rapper Trinidad Jame$ broke from his set to suggest that something might be rotten in the state of New York rap. “I … read more »

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New York Rap: State of the Empire

A group of young New York rappers tries to bring hip hop home. Far Rockaway, Queens MC Stack Bundles has a song called, “Temper, Temper” in which he says of the state of New York … read more »

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kanye eyes closed

Kanye West, “Eyes Closed” MP3

Kanye West or someone on the internet says this is a MBDTF leftover, which possibly but hopefully doesn’t sample Maino‘s “Hi Hater” and is going to be reworked on Snoop Dogg’s forthcoming Doggumentary with a … read more »

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Olivia f. Maino, "Take It Off (Remix)" MP3

All R&B should have harp. Just straight harp joints for the summer. It’s like the most underrated instrument after the xylophone. It helps that most imagery associated with harps includes super-sexy people feeding each other … read more »

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Video: Kia Shine f. Young Dro + Maino, “Checkin’ My Fresh”

Pretend for a minute that this isn’t the fifth version of “So Krispy”, skip to Dro and his Lou Ferrigno reference, then watch as Maino smirks through the entire last minute. Good enough, Kia Shine!

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Freeload: Maino, “However Do You Want It”

We were feeling pretty old after realizing the source of this sample, Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life”, and the movie scene that forever cemented it in our cultural memory, the Belly title sequence, are … read more »

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Video: Maino, “Hi Hater”

How is it that we ride past Grand Army Plaza like 19 times every day and NEVER get to be in a rap video? How is that even possible?! Whatever. Get the mp3 of this … read more »


Freeload: Maino, “Getaway Driver” (From GTA IV)

Just as we were posting the triumphant return of Maino last week Enuff dropped this into his Friday afternoon slot on Hot 97 and the office went slightly bananas, partially due to the song and … read more »

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Freeload: Maino “Hi Hater”

It’s been a particularly rough few years for the three then-rising stars of F35′s New York Rap feature. Stack Bundles was killed last June, Papoose got dropped from his million-dollar major label deal (and has … read more »

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