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Maria Minerva The Beginning

Stream: Maria Minerva, “The Beginning”

Estonia-born and well traveled, Maria Minerva is a singer/songwriter for restless digital natives. She releases the kind of electronic pop constructions that sound and feel like being in your twenties: sometimes ecstatic and other times … read more »

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12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Stream: Alice Cohen, “Fly By By (Maria Minerva Remix)”

After selling it out on tape, Japan’s Sixteen Tambourines is doing a limited vinyl run of Alice Cohen‘s Wild Vines and Tenement Shrines album, which sees the Brooklyn artist and FADER stop motion animation consultant … read more »

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Ma You Be Killin’ Em: 12 Musicians Talk About Their Moms

We have so much to thank our mothers for. In addition to birthing us, feeding us, and bathing us, they’ve also been our most influential style icons. In the past, we’ve counted down to Mother’s … read more »

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Stream Maria Minerva’s Bless EP

Maria Minerva‘s work has always toed a very fruitful line between the commanding and the deliberately amateurish, but as she continues to grow as a vocalist and beatsmith, it’s getting harder and harder to separate … read more »

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Stream Herve’s Album The Art of Disappearing

Hervé’s The Art of Disappearing is feather-light. It’s an album that specializes in shaping loose tones and soft synths into songs with serious backbone. With the help of a few notable guests (Maria Minerva, Niki … read more »

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Stream: Hervé f. Maria Minerva, “Gold”

Maria Minerva’s made her voice into an interesting instrument. On past releases, she’s let her voice go flat when you’d expect it to rise, been distant when you expect her to be emotional. Half the … read more »

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Stream: Maria Minerva, “Black Magick”

Hazy grooves and looped sonic measures command Euro-trotting starlet Maria Minerva’s bewitching “Black Magick,” the first we’ve heard from her new BLESS EP, due April 2nd via 100% Silk. Delicate vocals cavort over Minerva’s nostalgic … read more »

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Interview: Maria Minerva

Even in conversation Maria Minerva has the air of a performer, something probably innate. She’s been keen enough to capture that weird spark as an artist; music simply happens to be the medium through which … read more »


Video: Maria Minerva, “The Sound”

In a new video for “The Sound,” the tale of a love both decadent and manipulative, from Maria Minerva’s new album Will Happiness Find Me?, a cyborgian Minerva emerges from underneath a swirl of goopy … read more »

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Stream: Maria Minerva f. Chase Royal, “Fire”

Next Tuesday, September 4th, Estonian-born brainiac Maria Minerva will release Will Happiness Find Me?, her full-length follow-up to last year’s Cabaret Cixous. On the heels of the very club-ready lead single “The Sound,” Minerva slides … read more »

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