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Stream Marnie Stern’s Chronicles of Marnia Album

Marnie Stern’s 2010 album Marnie Stern was an explosive pairing of completely insane guitar virtuosity and heartbreaking/inspiring lyrics. It was as beautiful as it was difficult and remains seriously overlooked today. Her follow-up, Chronicles of … read more »

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Stream: Marnie Stern, “Year of the Glad”

In 2010, Marnie Stern released her self-titled third album. It was a heavy listen. Stern grappled with loss and death with so much nuance—even the saddest songs reached these ecstatic peaks that felt like she … read more »

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BACKTRACKS: Marnie Stern Revisits Pianos NYC

We’ve claimed Marnie Stern fanhood for a while, but not quite long enough to witness her first solo shows on the Lower East Side’s Pianos NYC (back when the Lower East Side was a cool … read more »

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Stream This Marnie Stern Demo Tape

Marnie Stern‘s most recent self titled record caused us to flip our shit a little bit. It was basically a brief album full of concise but tangled stadium rock with huge choruses and insanely intricate … read more »

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Shredding Lessons With Marnie Stern

It’s difficult to imagine Marnie Stern ripping a guitar to shreds in any setting other than a small, dark nightclub littered with beer—which is why it was such a treat to watch her jam in … read more »

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The FADER Issue 70 Podcast MP3

Man, do we have a John Boehner (no Tea Party) for our FADER 70 podcast. It’s a grimy one, reading cover to cover, staring with Yelawolf and ending with Trash Talk. In between, we’ve got … read more »

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GEN F: Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern is sitting in a pile of her own smoked cigarettes. Another one is on its way down. “I’m going to die of lung cancer in the next few hours,” she says, her voice … read more »

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Marnie Stern, “Transparency is the New Mystery” MP3

Look at that photo of New York power guitarist Marnie Stern up there, with her sweet, kind face and innocent playing-with-dogs stance. Now press play on this new song from her forthcoming, self-titled third album, … read more »

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Marnie Stern, “For Ash” MP3

We always wondered what it would take to tame Zach Hill’s drumming, and it turns out it was just Marnie Stern playing the guitar in the same way he plays the drums: lots of technical … read more »

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Here Comes Marnie Stern

Good. Lord. If you haven’t yet been acquainted with Marnie Stern, we can talk all about her later on. But right now, at this very moment, you have listen to this, the first mp3 from … read more »