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Stream Moodoïd’s Self Titled EP

Moodoïd is the project of Pablo Padovani, guitarist for Melody’s Echo Chamber, a group that put out an excellent, if somewhat overlooked, psychedelic record last year. Let’s get the unavoidable out of the way: like … read more »

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Video: Melody’s Echo Chamber, “You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me”

Filmed by director Matthew Saville in Perth, Australia, this video for Melody’s Echo Chamber’s “You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me” takes advantage of all the weird beauty of Perth. When I say weird, … read more »

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Interview: Melody’s Echo Chamber

For her Melody’s Echo Chamber project, French artist Melody Prochet spent years writing songs, leaving the comforts of a traditional studio to work with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker in Perth, as well as in her … read more »

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Stream: Melody’s Echo Chamber’s Self-Titled Album

There’s this maddening quality to Melody Prochet’s Melody’s Echo Chamber project. It’s hard to pin down exactly, but these songs exist in this dream/awake state. They’re almost transportive, but Prochet’s voice is just gritty enough, … read more »

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