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Video: Deptford Goth, “Feel Real”

With bleary Peckham producer/singer Deptford Goth’s outstanding debut LP, Life After Defo, finally out today via Merok, he’s shared a new video for “Feel Real,” directed by Aneil Karia and Daniel Woolhouse. Dazed Digital has … read more »

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Interview: Mozart’s Sister

Montreal singer/producer Caila Thompson-Hannant’s self-released debut as Mozart’s Sister, the Hello EP, sees a brighter light of day today as it’s beefed-up and re-released by Merok. Stream the whole thing below, and download “Single Status,” … read more »

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Download Haleek Maul’s Oxyconteen EP

Haleek Maul, the teen rapper from Barbados who told us “some kids hold onto the crutch of being a minor, and that bothers me,” has given away his debut EP, Oxyconteen, premiering it with an … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Deptford Goth

Several things crossed my mind when I first heard the gently manipulated vocals, pin-drop pings and synth-swathes of Deptford Goth’s “Real Love Fantasy”: Yes! Does he love Mariah Carey? (Note the nod to Mariah’s “Fantasy” … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Mozart Parties

It’s been just over a year since 23-year-old James Bennett composed his first song as Mozart Parties. From the isolation of the village Kirkby Lonsdale, located in England’s verdant, mountainous Lake District, Bennett found himself … read more »

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Video: Teengirl Fantasy, “Cheaters”

It makes perfect sense that a sprawling house song presumably made on laptops would get an official video that is essentially a turbo screensaver. The video was “directed” by Iasos, whose website shows in gleaming … read more »

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Merok Autumn Sampler

We’re at that point in the summer where we catch ourselves getting kind of excited for fall. Of course we then check ourselves because once this beautiful weather is gone, it’s gone for awhiilllllle. Merok, … read more »

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