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Video: Bjork, “Crystalline”

Bjork‘s new album Biophilia, due September 27th, is also a multimedia project she created with app developer Scott Snibble and design studio M/M Paris, as narrated by David Attenborough. Singles will be released as programs … read more »

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Michel Gondry’s The Thorn in the Heart Trailer

Michel Gondry has made a documentary about his blood relatives, specifically his mother aunt, who undoubtedly rearranged the brains of thousands of French schoolchildren as an elementary school teacher. Because apparently to be kinda nuts/genius … read more »

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QUIRK ALERT: Bjork, Michel Gondry Team Up for 'Undefined' Project

Dust off that swan dress and start playing with Legos again — two of Europe’s most weirdly adorable artists, French director Michel Gondry and Icelandic avant-pop icon Bjork, are getting ready to work together. On … read more »

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Michel Gondry: The Spreemaster Cycle

Honestly, the dreams are already too filled with weirdness to watch Matthew Barney’s masterpiece with any regularity, but this work of lightness can be watched every morning with a bagel and some juice, no problem. … read more »

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Michel Gondry Will Draw Your Face For Less Than $20

He’s directed videos for Bjork and Radiohead, won an Academy Award for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and was even the drummer for that French band Oui Oui. And now Michel Gondry could be adding you into his personal portfolio, for the mere price of $19.95! What will this French man think up of next, a new and improved version of the Sham Wow!? read more »

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FADER TV: LA Is A Nice Place To Live #1

LA Is A Nice Place To Live is FADER TV’s latest series, depicting the West Coast staff taking in some of the city’s culture and fun good times. This edition has us visiting Family, the … read more »

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Video: Bjork, “Declare Independence”

Michel Gondry and Bjork go together like scrambled eggs and…scrambled eggs. The theme of this video is kinda heavy handed, but whatever, Bjork is controlling soldiers via colored strings! What!? Awesome. If there ever was … read more »

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