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Midnight Jüggernaüts Announces 2-Track EP; Stream “Cedoption”

FADER PREMIERE Last month, we posted a climbing-themed music video from Türkish Prison, the solo project of Midnight Jüggernaüts member Andrew Szekeres. Somehow, this throbbing new Jüggernaüts track gives me a similarly eerie feeling, partly … read more »

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Video: Türkish Prison, “Ancient City”

FADER PREMIERE The protagonist of this video kind of reminds me of the dude from Temple Run, only instead of running around on an endless horizontal ramp, he’s climbing up a ladder, and the environments … read more »

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Midnight Juggernauts FABRICLIVE Promo Mix + New Video

Not too long ago we were sitting around talking about music with a somewhat non-music friend and because we can be extremely not cool at times, there was an extended discussion of prog rock. A … read more »

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Midnight Juggernauts Mix + “This New Technology” (CcenturiesS Remix) MP3

Midnight Juggernauts are back in the game with this mix of some recent favorites (including songs from Lemonade and Salem—commenters go nuts!). Besides being a solid collection of music, it’s also a window into the … read more »

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Midnight Juggernauts Live at The Levi’s FADER Fort NYC

There have been about a million remixes of Midnight Juggernauts‘ “This New Technology,” but we’re not going to weigh you down with yet another version today.  Here’s the real deal, performed live at last weekend’s … read more »

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Midnight Juggernauts, “This New Technology” (Emperor Machine Remix) MP3

Can’t even count how many times we’ve already heard Midnight Juggernauts‘ “This New Technology” in various forms. But now there are three new remixes, Gorilla vs. Bear posted the Memory Tapes version, someone, somewhere (we … read more »

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Premiere: Midnight Juggernauts “New” Video

Midnight Juggernauts go full prog in the video for “This New Technology,” featuring robed dudes who look like their faces are made out of Dippin’ Dots, hi-quality iTunes visualizer-style patterns and (potentially) Jesus. We’ve called … read more »

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Midnight Juggernauts, “This New Technology” MP3

The fact that Acephale Records, helmed by Patrik North—the man who helped bring us The Tough Alliance, Salem, CFCF and a bunch of other bands we really like—is releasing a Midnight Juggernauts single is not … read more »

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FADER TV: Staycation with Midnight Juggernauts

In the newest FADER TV series, our online editor invites artists, musicians and minor celebrities to enjoy the great outdoor activities, vanishing leisure spots and storied watering holes of New York City, a city he … read more »


Freeload: Midnight Juggernauts, “Road To Recovery (Acoustopia)”

Australian pretty boys Midnight Juggernauts are currently stateside for a few days playing shows and, in honor of a solemn September, have dropped the ponce (and synthesizers and drums) for this mellow acoustic redoing of … read more »

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