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Video: Azealia Banks, “212″

What’s unbearably cute, wears a Mickey Mouse sweater and raps about ruining cunts? Try Azealia Banks. The Harlemite’s “212″ is a dancefloor-ready jam, and fittingly enough, its black and white video shows Miss Banks and … read more »

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Video: Azealia Banks, “L8R”

Not sure how we missed this one—we premiered the track (life anthem!) and at one point even strongly considered going to Jersey (on a Saturday!) for the video shoot—but not gonna dwell on it. It’s … read more »

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Miss Banks, "L8R" MP3

We’ve been craving more Miss Banks since we saw her Nike “1LOVE” episode repping Harlem. Something about the cadence of her raps makes us want to jump double dutch and anyone who does that well, … read more »

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Premiere: Miss Banks, “L8R” MP3

Azealia Banks has got a mouth on her. One of Harlem’s best next hopes for rap greatness since Dipset got so fickle, the chick whose career kicked off a few years ago with “Seventeen” (’cause … read more »

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Miss Banks, “Slow Hands” (Interpol Cover) MP3

Miss Banks‘ sidewalk freestyle from her 1LOVE video became an office favorite with the quickness, but she’s been emailing us for a hot minute saying she’s gonna switch it up and now we finally have … read more »

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Video: Nike Sportswear's World Basketball Festival "1LOVE" Episode: Miss Banks

Sport, music, culture, that sounds like a proper summer in the Big Apple. All across the city’s five boroughs there’s something happening. We know you can’t be everywhere at once, but that’s what the internet … read more »

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Nike Sportswear’s 1LOVE: Harlem Tour with Miss Banks

We love uptown rapper Miss Banks‘ joie de vivre, not to mention her nasty flow—both qualities that reflect her upbringing in Harlem, a neighborhood built on vibrating energy and inventiveness. As she puts it in … read more »

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Premiere: Skerritt Bwoy’s Daggering Instructional Video

This video won’t make it to Saturday morning cartoons anytime soon, but if we had spent our youths waking up to Skerritt Bwoy drill-sergeanting us like he does in Daggering 101, our moms would have … read more »

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Audio: East Village Radio 5/15

Last Friday on The Let Out (our weekly show on East Village Radio, made possible by Dewars) Miss Banks hung out, played us some music she’s been really feeling (Stereolab, Ma$e) and then when we … read more »

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East Village Radio: Miss Banks

This week on the Let Out, the FADER’s weekly East Village Radio show (made possible by Dewar’s), Harlem’s Miss Banks is going to come through, and what she’ll do is a mystery to even us. … read more »

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