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Beat Construction: FKi

The producer is one of the most crucial yet anonymous figures in all of music. In some songs, the producer is both the band leader and the band, yet his or her name is often … read more »

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Video: Trina, “Long Heels Red Bottoms”

To my knowledge, this is the first time Trina has worked with Atlanta’s Mr. Collipark, he, producer of so many amazingly simple dance songs by the Ying Yang Twins and so many others. Collipark takes … read more »

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Thank Goodness Mr. Collipark and The Ying Yang Twins are Back in Balance

Mr. Collipark might be the shake-something mega producer we hold closest to our jiggled hearts. In the last decade he produced a vast spectrum of intimate club muzik, allowing us The Muzicians’ “Camera Phone“, Bubba … read more »

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