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Premiere: CFCF, “Come Closer (Nacho Lovers RMX)” MP3

If Montreal-based producer CFCF‘s making some kind of nationalistic statement with Drifts, it’s that Canada is riddled with producer talent, even though apparently the total population in the territories numbers just “seven,” according to our … read more »

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Video: Nacho Lovers, “Deeper”

The song’s certainly a soother, Toronto’s Nacho Lovers delve into the sweetest house crevices for subtle soul, working the knobs with a light touch. It’s a really classic sound that transcends trend and shows how … read more »

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Premiere: Nacho Lovers, “Deeper (CFCF Remix)” MP3

For those unfamiliar, Nacho Lovers are not shy with a house anthem. In fact, previous singles made us want to visit the magical land known as Ibiza and become year-round shirtless bartenders, until we realized … read more »

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Nacho Lovers Mix for Curb Crawlers

For FADER 57 we had Canadian duo Nacho Lovers, lovers of house, write about some of their favorite acid tracks. They made an accompanying mix for our site of classics we knew and loved, blended … read more »

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Freeload: Foolcast 001, Nacho Lovers, “I Nacho NY”

The dons at Fools Gold Records have launched a monthly iTunes podcast, and the inaugural jumpoff is this little sampling of classic NY house music sugar by Toronto’s Nacho Lovers. We’ve been revisiting Cajmere a … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Nacho Lovers’ Acid House Mix

We listened to this remix by Toronto barnburners Nacho Lovers so hard our leg started bleeding. Seriously. We would take a photo of it for proof but Pete might get grossed out, he gets faint … read more »

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