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Video: Naomi Punk, “Voodoo Trust”

Washington three-piece Naomi Punk have released an official clip for “Voodoo Trust,” the infectious first song off their debut LP, The Feeling. The gloomy, black-and-white video is like a chopped and screwed episode of the … read more »

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Video: Naomi Punk, “Burned Body”

If you are in a rock band in 2012, it often feels like the best possible goal you could have for yourself is figuring out how to translate all your energy and emotion into every … read more »

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Naomi Punk, “Voodoo Trust” MP3

Feels like forever ago that everyone was making songs about hanging out on the beach, instead of probably like…yesterday, but it happened, and in some number of years I can’t scientifically predict, it’ll happen again. … read more »

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