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GEN F: Nautic

Listening to London trio Nautic is kind of like filling up on dim sum: there’s a lot of small components to consider, and it can feel like an embarrassment of variety. “Fresh Eyes,” one of … read more »

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Download The FADER #84 Podcast

Maybe it’s the crisp yellows and primary colors of this year’s Spring Style issue, but The FADER #84 podcast seemed to be just asking to be left clean—no funky blends, pitch-downs or mashups, just fire … read more »

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After web publishing conglomerate BuzzMedia bought Spin in July of last year, they promised that although they had no physical publication to their name, they were dedicated to the magazine’s legacy, and that, in some … read more »

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Video: Nautic, “Fresh Eyes”

London trio Nautic (comprised of producer Bullion, Laura Groves and Tic of Young Turks) pretty much nailed the visuals for their soothing, sax-friendly “Fresh Eyes” by setting its smooth chill to some found footage of … read more »

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