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The Tripwire: The Dodos, Buzz-Band Pitfalls and the Junior Comeback

I’ve had a complicated relationship with The Dodos for some time. A few years ago, their introduction to the better part of the world (those, myself included, that hadn’t heard their self-released debut) Visiter found … read more »

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Tent Posts: Bumbershoot, Day 1

Shout out to all the Bumbershoot moms with rat tails and billowy crew neck festival sweatshirts. Shout out to Bumbershoot for having more food options than music stages. And also shout out to Bumbershoot and … read more »

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Neko Case Reveals Inner Thoughts on iTunes

Get your brain out of the gutter. read more »


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco


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Jason Lytle Readies Solo Debut, Announces Dates With Neko Case

Former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle just won’t get off our radar lately — yesterday it was his collaboration with Explosions in the Sky, today it’s even more collaborations, tour dates and a solo album. read more »

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Notes From Middle America – Bloodshot Records Turns 15: A Conversation With Label Founder Rob Miller

In light of Touch and Go’s recent decision to shut its doors, Bloodshot Records may not be Chicago Illinois’ longest standing label, but at 15 years old, it might now be the “new” reference point for venerable Chicago indies for years to come. read more »

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Get Guilty

There is no question that A.C. Newman knows how to whip up some solid pop songs. He has a knack for witty lyrics, catchy hooks, and a pop mentally for orchestrating irresistibly and instantly accessible music. And on his latest solo effort, Get Guilty, the New Pornographers front man once again proves that he is the Canadian king of power pop. read more »

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Carrie Brownstein's Psychic Predictions For Music In 2009

Ever since the collective frenzy we all worked ourselves into worrying what was going to happen to the world when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000, New Years have become cause for worry and constant concern. Now as that fateful date approaches again, we find ourselves asking — what horrors does 2009 hold? Luckily, former Sleater-Kinney guitarist and writer/blogger Carrie Brownstein has the answers for us via an extremely informative psychic/astrological reading. read more »

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