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Daily Inspiration: Sam Hockley-Smith

In honor of Sam Hockley Smith’s last day at FADER, we take a fond look back at his glorious, five-year run at the magazine, and as Sam would say, we’re “not mad.” Playaz Circle f. … read more »

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Nike7Up’s July Mix MP3

Buried under all that growling and gawky teenage rage, Jonathan Davis of Korn made a lot of kids feel okay about not feeling okay. As adults, that music seems a little less comforting and a … read more »

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Nike7Up, “Priceless Nike7Up Dream Soul Princess Remix” MP3

This is the first time we’ve posted a Nike7Up song without a video, and that’s kind of a big deal. At the time, we thought fucked-out vids made the songs make sense. It was a … read more »

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Video: Nike7Up, “In Bloom (Until I Die Mix)”

Still trying to figure out this whole Nike7Up thing. Like, shouldn’t this not work? Shouldn’t it be lame and corny? Here, Nike7Up—who is bound to get sued at some point—takes vocals from Nirvana’s “In Bloom” … read more »

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Nike7UP’s Twisted World of Pop Music

First time we heard about this our brains more or less exploded and we couldn’t even think about it for like a month after. We’ve since returned and are fully on the Nike7UP train. Basically … read more »

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