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Live: Levi’s Station To Station

On a different night, it might have seemed intensely out-of-the-ordinary to spot a stylish young woman slipping out of her Loubitouns and entering a tent-like, dandelion-yellow structure with pillow soft floors and elastic appendages stretching … read more »

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Stream Earn’s Album A Following Shadow

There’s a strain of ambient music that PPM (the label run by Dean Spunt of No Age) does particularly well. It’s a kind of grungy, homemade feeling of warmth and calm. Like there was a … read more »

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Video: No Age, “Inflorescence” (Dir. by Todd Cole)

FADER photographer Todd Cole, maker of beautiful images as well as confusing/museum-touring films for Rodarte, teamed up with No Age to make this mini-saga. The pairing was arranged by great arts patron Levi’s to commemorate … read more »

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Bleached, “Think of You” MP3

Sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin—formerly of Los Angeles based girl (and one boy)-band Mika Miko—have returned as Bleached. “Think of You” sounds like The Misfits and says something that sounds small but is actually big: … read more »

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Video: No Age, “Common Heat”

Man, if you told us when we were younger that the doodles we thought were pretty good in our notebooks could be made into an animated video that would be broadcast all over the internet, … read more »

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Upon Re-Examination The First Two No Age Albums Are Still Amazing

If you’re a regular FADER reader, then you’ll know that from the very beginning we’ve been huge No Age supporters. It actually kind of bordered on fanaticism. Our memories from those heady days of ’07 … read more »

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No Age Play Greek Television, Grow Mustaches

No Age performed a raucous rendition of “Depletion” for Greek television a few days ago, but the whole scene looks like it could’ve been filmed back in 1997 (special shout out to the thrasher boot … read more »

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Rodarte Lovingly Distorted by No Age

Oh, Rodarte! How you inspire life envy. So young and you’re already having a No Age would be providing the background ambient distortion, so when I’d talk about, say, the common California condor, it would … read more »

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Video: No Age, “Fever Dreaming”

For a beat of “Fever Dreaming” it appears F58 FADER cover dudes Dean and Randy of No Age are some kind of Beavis and Butthead that stood up from the couch, went through hippie school … read more »

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Video: No Age Played on Letterman, Sans Paul Shaffer

No Age played the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday. Dean looked like a Marine on leave and he and Randall sounded awesome. But, for whatever reason, their performance made us realize for the … read more »

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