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Trend Report: Graphic Tees

We’re always peeking at London Fashion Week for a hint of what’s going to be all over our wardrobe in about six months, and though there were plenty of wilder trends we noticed on the … read more »

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Line Item: Oliver Spencer’s Oli Gloves

Sure, we could (and do) talk endlessly about the clothes we love, but for our new column, Line Item, we’ll be asking some of our favorite designers to tell us what they think about the … read more »

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Four Ways to Wear Summer Sweat Shorts

For FADER #74, a handful of FADER interns illustrated how to rock summer sweat shorts by Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen. Click through to see four takes on the unisex summer staple.

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Store Report: Oliver Spencer Shoe Shop in London

Oliver Spencer‘s shoes are plain good. No bells and whistles: just classic and quality. That infinite, always updated class means that we insanely fiend for them season after season after season. Spencer just opened a … read more »

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Oliver Spencer Spring 2011 Shoes

If Oliver Spencer continues to kill it with shoes each go-around, we’re never going to have money for anything else. Every season, we think he’s impressed us for the last time, and then the next … read more »


Oliver Spencer X Topman Shoes

Oliver Spencer previewed his spring 2010 man wedge last winter, and we’ve been kind of bonkers about them ever since. Clearly Topman is equally obsessed, and recently teamed up with the British designer to release … read more »

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Oliver Spencer Shoes For Spring 2010

When we saw these Oliver Spencer Spring 2010 Suede Desert Boots in person back in the cold dregs of December, we thought they’d be the perfect spring compromise: a light handsome Buck style shoe, complete … read more »

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Staff Affections

Every Thursday, FADER style assistant Alex Frank asks employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is at that exact moment. This week, we caught up with … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Oliver Spencer 2010

Oliver Spencer was in town from London a few weeks ago with his latest collection of menswear, and gave us a personal walk-through of the line. The British designer is a self-taught tailor, and all … read more »

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