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In 2010, oOoOO debuted on the now-defunct label Disaro with an untitled CD-R, each of the 100 copies decorated with a unique collage made from cutouts of fashion magazines. At the time, the label and … read more »

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Stream: Butterclock, “Holograms”

Following the cool, clearly oOoOO co-produced club sludge of “Don’t,” Paris/Berlin’s Butterclock returns with the chipper “Holograms,” featuring a plinking drum sample also used many moons ago on Hollertronix’s Never Scared mixtape. Butterclock’s First Prom … read more »

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Video: Butterclock, “Don’t”

Probably best known for singing on a few of oOoOO’s tracks last year, but with a haunting two-year-old repertoire of her own hanging out on Soundcloud, Parisian-turned-Berliner Butterclock has at last prepped her debut solo … read more »

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o f f love

Stream: o F F Love, “Everyday (Craxxxsoft Remix)

For his song “Everyday,” the bandana-wearing, Berlin/Paris/London man about earth o F F Love scored a seriously great remix from the mysterious but clearly talented producer Craxxxsoft. With o F F Love’s voice only slipping … read more »

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oOoOO f. Butterclock, “NoWayBack” MP3

Even though there’s already been an entire free Evian Christ mixtape today, the fun from Tri Angle records does not stop. Here’s the first single from oOoOO’s next release. Like his previous material, the track … read more »

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Stream: Butterclock f. oOoOO, “Hustling” (Rick Ross Cover)

So who cares, it’s good: Here’s an expiration date-defying, jj-esque cover of Rick Ross‘ “Hustlin’” courtesy of the enchanting Parisian-via-Berlin vocalist Butterclock and our favorite producer whose name resembles a Caterpie, oOoOO. If the new … read more »

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oOoOO’s FACT Mix MP3

You had us at the second O. New FACT mix by oOoOO, lingering throughout in a mid-range haze, a perceptible drone-tone linking Anika and DJ Roc, Cat Power and Gucci Mane. BPM becomes irrelevant, genre … read more »

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Jams of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Megapost

In 2010, “electronic music” means many things, and for proof, look at the diversity of artists The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. It is this Saturday (see the flyer above for your basic information and lineup) … read more »

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Marina and the Diamonds, “Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)” MP3

Despite only having an EP and a few remixes to his name, oOoOO‘s carved out a pretty comfortable space for himself in the world of tasteful, heavy and submerged jams. His remix of Marina and … read more »

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Finally Champions: True Panther Celebrates San Francisco

On the first day of November, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. This was a coup not only for the modern city, but for the long history of left field weirdos populating it. … read more »

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