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Open Air: Lemonade

For this episode of Open Air, in which we step out of the bar and into the great outdoors, we filmed Lemonade on the roof of the new Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during the … read more »

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Open Air: Wild Beasts

There’s an old episode of Glee where Finn discourages the blond kid (forgot his name) from doing a duet with Kurt. Later on in the season, Finn bucks up, changes his tune and decides to … read more »

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Open Air: Moon Duo

It’s almost April in New York but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as sunny and airy as it is in Moon Duo‘s home-base of San Francisco right now. However, when Ripley and Sanae came through … read more »

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dead trees

Open Air: The Dead Trees

Though we may still be hunkered down indoors with the heat on full blast here in New York, we’ve heard there are places in the world where people roam freely without coats in very nice … read more »

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