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Detail of a sculpture by Ushio

No Concessions: A Peek Inside the Studios of the Stars of Cutie and the Boxer

In the early ’60s, Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara blazed with the confidence of success. Young and handsome, the art school dropout wore a Mohawk and helped found the avante garde group the Neo Dadaism Organizers, … read more »

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Interview: Joshua Abelow

Painter Joshua Abelow revisits his early days in New York. In 1999, fresh out of RISD with a painting degree, Joshua Abelow moved to New York City. He spent much of his time assisting one … read more »

Paul Thek Comfort

NYC: Bring Your Girlfriend to See Paul Thek’s Rubber Flesh + Wild Bad Paintings at the Whitney

Paul Thek was an American artist who spent most of his career living in Europe. People knew him vaguely from the wax caste of his body that came to be know as the “dead hippy” … read more »

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In Matthew Chambers We See Ourselves, and Cats and Beer

Someone once asked each FADER editor to paint a self-portrait and, unsurprisingly, each one of the finished works looked like the same smeary pile of acrylic crap. Okay that never happened but if it did … read more »

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