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Stream Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory’s Album Elements of Light

Pantha Du Prince has always had an obsession with bells and ringing tones. On each of his albums, hypnotic bass cautiously gives way to ringing bells—adding an organic layer to the electronics thrumming underneath. It’s … read more »

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GEN F: Pantha Du Prince

Once a year, just before the autumn cold of Europe sets in, Hendrik Weber goes to Israel to float in the Dead Sea. “You can see the death every day with the dying trees and … read more »

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Pantha Du Prince, Salem and Games Remix Songs from Blonde Redhead’s Penny Sparkle

New York’s Blonde Redhead just released a bundle of otherworldly remixes from their 2010 Penny Sparkle, courtesy of bands like Games (RIP that name), Pantha Du Prince and Salem, whom all put a unique spin … read more »

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Premiere: Pantha Du Prince, “A Nomad’s Retreat (The Sight Below Remix)” MP3

Seattle’s The Sight Below released an album called Glider in 2008. Although he’s ostensibly working within the realm of electronic music, there is literally zero doubt in our minds (and also the hive mind of … read more »

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Blonde Redhead, “Here Sometimes” (Pantha du Prince Remix) MP3

The appeal of Blonde Redhead for us has always been that on the surface their music seems icily detached and too cool for school, but the more time you spend with it the more warm … read more »

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Pantha Du Prince, “Welt Am Draht” (Animal Collective Remix) MP3

On Pantha Du Prince‘s recent Black Noise he lulled us with the constant soft clatter of bells and hypnotic repetition, only really interrupting the calm vibe with a guest appearance by Panda Bear. Animal Collective … read more »

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Cold Cave, “Life Magazine (Pantha Du Prince Remix)” MP3

When you burn damp firewood, it pops as the moisture evaporates. It’s a pleasant noise, and it’s essentially the same as the drum sound on which Pantha Du Prince has backed his remix of Cold … read more »

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Pantha du Prince f. Panda Bear, “Stick To My Side” (Four Tet Remix) MP3

Like Pantha du Prince, Four Tet turns austere musical moments in approachable, warm shimmering textured peaks. It seems like kind of a no brainer for him to remix Pantha’s Panda Bear collabo, and—big surprise—he captures … read more »

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Watch Pantha Du Prince's New Video, Please Send Presents

My mom’s name is Ursula and like Hendrik Weber, bka Pantha Du Prince, she’s what you would call… German. Growing up, this was cause for a few differences during the holidays. Santa came just twice … read more »

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Video: Pantha du Prince f. Panda Bear, “Stick to My Side”

This video, which reminds us of Little Otik for some reason, could very well have been filmed at Geologist’s Halloween wedding (referenced in our interview with Animal Collective) at which Deakin dressed as the Fall … read more »

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