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Download Castratii, “Limits” + Papercutz and Courtship Remixes

Castratii’s fantastically doomed “Limits” came out last fall, via the Sydney-based band’s debut Eora LP. It’s shoegaze a la Slowdive, but when the the track ends—and I mean this in the best way—it always gets … read more »

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Stream: Papercutz, “Where Beasts Die (Sun Glitters Remix)”

“Where Beasts Die,” the haunting electro/acoustic single off Papercutz’ The Blur Between Us LP, has already been remixed excellently by Bam Spacey and Kiyoko. Now, Luxembourg’s finest, Sun Glitters, takes a turn that might best … read more »

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Stream Papercutz’ Album The Blur Between Us

Last week, Papercutz—brainchild of the Portuguese producer Bruno Miguel—shared a rock-solid remix EP for “Where Beasts Die,” a single from their new The Blur Between Us LP. Now, streaming above, we’ve got the whole album, … read more »

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Stream: Papercutz’ “Where Beasts Die” Remix EP

Last week Papercutz released The Blur Between Us, a dark album guided by the Portuguese producer Bruno Miguel’s unusual but exquisite electro/acoustic textures. One of the LP’s most tender songs is the ghostly folk track … read more »

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Download Albert Swarm’s Held (Remixed) EP

Finland/Brooklyn’s Albert Swarm has opened his Held EP, out last year on Ceremony, to the remix treatment, enlisting Sun Glitters, Courtship, Papercutz and Ceremony’s newest-signee, the Swedish producer Bam Spacey. Swarm’s original, tender productions, where … read more »

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Stream: Courtship’s Eve Remix EP

San Francisco’s Courtship (né Patric Fallon) recruited four producers from around the globe (one from Portugal and at least two Finns) to give his early-summer EP Eve the remix treatment. Papercutz‘ take on “Housed” starts … read more »

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Download: Sun Glitters’ Everything Could Be Remodelled and That’s Fine EP

Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters has been a healthy presence in a certain part of the internet lately. Maybe as a function of working constantly with like-minded bliss-centric electronic artists, or by having a perfectly sound-explanatory name, … read more »

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